Lawn Bowl Shoes

How to buy Lawn Bowl Shoes- A Buying Guide


If you are an avid bowling enthusiast and looking for ways to improve your game, a pair of good quality lawn bowl shoes can help. Even if you are a novice and might have thought about renting shoes, it’s always better to purchase a pair of inexpensive lawn bowl shoes and save up the money you have to pay for the rent.

Why buy lawn bowl shoes

The following are a few reasons why you should invest in a pair of lawn bowl shoes.

  • Lawn bowl shoes can help improve performance.
  • It provides proper balance and offer the necessary support
  • It provides the right grip which can actually allow bowlers to slip right up to the line

Things to keep in mind when buying lawn bowl shoes

Buying lawn bowl shoes might seem like a great deal of hassle. You might be wondering how you could buy a pair which is affordable yet allows you to play your best as well. There are always a few things you should keep in mind.

  • When buying lawn bowl shoe always make sure you buy good quality ones, though they might cost more but they definitely last longer and give good value for money.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is comfort. If you are buying a new pair, it’s better to try out a size bigger or smaller as well. The sizes may differ from company to company and you should wear a pair which provide you with maximum comfort and support.
  • When buying lawn bowl shoes online, make sure you check out the customer reviews. These can help you find a right pair. That’s because if a customer is satisfied with the quality and the fit of those shoes, they are bound to give it a good star rating.
  • If you are an avid bowler you may need to wear your shoes time and again, in that case you can go ahead and splurge on an expensive pair. However, if you are just starting out and may play once in a while, a pair of inexpensive shoes would suffice as well. Just make sure you never compromise on comfort.
  • Some features which you need to look out for when buying a pair of lawn bowl shoes is the added durability and support. This would allow you to play your best without compromising on comfort.
  • As your foot transitions into different position during the gait cycle, the shoes must be such to absorb any undue pressure. It reduces the unnecessary impact on the toes and the mid foot.
  • The mid sole of the shoes should offer complete traction support and allow you to move and glide easily from one position to the other without creating any tension in the muscles and tendons of your feet.

When buying lawn bowls shoes is easy if you keep the above mentioned things in mind. While some people are happy renting out shoes, but owning a par allows you to grow into them. For the best pair of reasonable shoes make sure you check out the variety available at all online stores.